An automatic telephone system is any phone system that interacts with callers with out enter from a human aside from the recipient.  One Name Now supplies an outbound automated telephone system that locations calls and delivers the message to your members, clients, residents, and staff. Our name system accepts bulk imports of phone numbers, often from a spreadsheet, database, or different contact administration system.  These contacts should all have a pre-existing relationship with you. One Name Now can’t be used for political calls, telemarketing providers, or one other soliciting. Utilizing safe servers, the system locations calls and listens for solutions.  When the system detects a human reply it performs a pre-recorded message created utilizing both a human voice or a typed textual content to speech message.  The system additionally detects when the decision is answered electronically by a machine or voicemail system and may ship an alternate message.  These providers can be often known as automated dialing, auto call service, automated telephone calls, telephone or name blast providers, automated name timber, and telephone calling programs.

How a lot time can automated calling and texting programs save?

An Automated Calling Service ought to be thought-about in any scenario the place numerous outbound calls, texts or emails are vital, particularly when velocity and accuracy are essential. One Name Now’s automated calling service makes it straightforward to load contacts, create and save messages, and start broadcasting. When contemplating switching from conventional telephone strategies to automated calling and automatic texting the time financial savings is evident. When an emergency strikes each second counts. While you add up all the time employees spends on issues like notifications for occasion cancellations or appointment reminders on a routine foundation, utilizing an automatic calling service will save money and time in your group.

Two-way messaging ensures engagement

One Name Now’s automated calling system alerts get the phrase out rapidly, our two-way communication options additionally help you coordinate with others and achieve a 360-degree perspective relating to the scenario. Two-way communication is helpful when a quick response is required from message recipients. One Name Now’s two-way communication makes it straightforward for contacts to answer to questions with their keypads. This ensures that in an emergency you’re making knowledgeable choices based mostly on real-time updates. Two-way communication can be used with routine automated calling conditions like appointment reminders and staffing open shifts. As well as, our automated language translations be sure your messages are heard AND understood by everybody.