Michael Cammarata had one dream—And that’s to build and be part of a meaningful company that would help change the world and empower people everywhere to live their best lives and reach greater height. Today, in an unprecedented announcement, Schmidt’s Naturals has joined the Unilever family to bring naturals to the world in new and innovative ways.

Over the course of his time at Schmidt’s, the brand has exponentially increased sales, entered mass retail and distribution, and introduced new product lines that provide a safe and effective alternative to conventional product formulations. In the past few months, Schmidt’s Naturals has extended beyond their original deodorant, now offerings with ventures into soap and toothpastes, and with plans to move beyond the bathroom and throughout the household.

They also garnered massive PR traction in consumer and trade publications, released fan favorite seasonal product collections, and launched new media vertical, The Natural. Now, through partnership with Unilever, Schmidt’s Naturals is poised to achieve even greater heights and find way into the hands of consumers across the globe, cementing the brand’s mission to be the new face of natural.

For Michael Cammarata, one of the biggest takeaways is that no dream is too big. When you work together, with good people and big ideas, you can achieve the impossible.

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