Steps To Make Touchdown Tips Simpler

Earlier than doing most methods in your board, you’ll have to determine which approach you stand whereas driving. Fiddle driving other ways by Skates Radar and select the one which feels essentially the most snug. Left foot ahead is known as common and proper foot ahead is known as goofy.

To be taught to journey, begin by placing one foot on the board then step on the board with the opposite foot.  Land it and stand there with out falling.

As soon as it’s a must to step in your board mastered, attempt driving:

-Push off of the foot on the bottom and step on the board because it’s transferring to journey.  Do steps 1-Four within the image and be taught to journey.


Having a very good trick board is useful to doing newbie skateboard methods, however a few of these methods may be executed on cruisers and different sorts of boards.

What Skateboard Tips Ought to I Be taught First?

Getting your stability on the board helps with each skateboard trick and helps you to not fall.  It’s additionally simpler to do methods in the event you already know the best way to journey.  However if you wish to begin doing methods instantly, go into the grass or be extra daring on the flat concrete and take a look at these methods:


Acid Drop

An acid drop is the place you’re holding the board and bounce onto it.  You seize the board till you’re within the air, then you definitely let it go and land on it together with your toes.  Maintain the board any approach you need, however the easiest method is grabbing the nostril or the tail.  Acid drop off of drops whenever you get higher, however attempt it within the grass first.

Leap onto the board and stick the touchdown! 

After touchdown it within the grass, attempt it on the concrete the place the board will roll.  Watch out at first as a result of your board can slip out and you may fall.  Ensure that to land together with your weight centered over the center of the board.



A boneless is a approach higher trick than an acid drop.

Observe these steps to do a boneless:

  1. Begin with each toes on the board.
  2. Step your entrance foot off the board onto the bottom in order that the board is in entrance of you.
  3. Attain down and seize the center of the board together with your again hand.
  4. Preserve your again foot on the board as you decide the board up off the bottom with the hand that’s grabbing.
  5. Leap within the air off of the entrance foot that stepped off the board onto the bottom.
  6. Within the air, get your foot that jumped off the bottom again onto the board whereas letting go of your seize.
  7. Land on the board with each toes.



*Ensure that to maintain the again foot on the board the entire time to do a correct boneless.

Boneless is a legit skateboard trick for novices and execs.  Attempt to do a boneless 180 and land swap after studying common boneless.  Attempt to do a boneless whereas rolling.  See if you are able to do a boneless 360 on flat floor within the grass in case you fall.  You may work your approach as much as doing this trick downstairs and even on ramps or on the skate park.





Doing a handbook is among the most necessary methods you’ll be able to learn skateboarding.  A handbook is whenever you put strain on the tail of the board in order that the entrance methods get off the bottom.  You can be balancing on the again wheels.

You may be taught this trick within the grass standing on the board and see how lengthy you’ll be able to maintain it earlier than touching again down or falling off the board.  This trick is simpler whereas rolling, so begin studying the best way to journey and elevate up the entrance of the board.  Discover your stability.  Tightening your abdomen helps to maintain your stability.

Handbook is a superb trick to be taught as a result of you’ll be able to construct your stability by attempting to handbook from crack to crack within the sidewalk till you are able to do it for a number of sidewalk squares.

This trick can be nice as a result of it’s used to roll off curbs and even units of stairs ultimately.  Keep over your board whereas going off drops and bend your legs to soak up the impression whereas touchdown.


Early Seize

An early seize is an air trick the place you seize the board whereas standing on it and bounce off the bottom.

Bend your legs and bounce whilst you pull the board up.  Your legs will be unable to increase all the way in which since you are midway bending all the way down to maintain grabbing onto the board.  You’ll nonetheless be capable of get air.

The simplest early seize is an indy seize the place your again hand grabs the sting of the board in entrance between your toes.  A cannonball can be a very good one to be taught the place you seize the nostril and the tail on the identical time whereas leaping.

Be taught to early seize off curbs or off ramps.  Simply be certain that to maintain the board stage whereas getting air.  You’ll have to bounce so that you simply don’t smash your hand on the curb or the ramp’s edge.  You may barely handbook whilst you early seize which helps to get extra air like an ollie, however that is extra superior.



The ollie is a very powerful trick to have the ability to do intermediate and superior methods.  Studying to ollie takes lots of time.  It could possibly take a pair years earlier than you’ll be able to ollie up curbs and off stairs comfortably.  It’s value it although when you get it.

You may nonetheless journey and do different methods if you are engaged on getting your ollie down.  Preserve working in your driving, acid drop, boneless, handbook, and early grabs as a result of they’ll make doing an ollie simpler.


Ollie Foot Positioning

Begin together with your toes in ollie place.  Your toes ought to be going through to the aspect whereas your board is driving ahead.  You entrance foot ought to be simply behind the entrance bolts.  You again foot ought to be on the tail.    Your toes shouldn’t be hanging off the board in any respect, however your heels might be when you have large toes.

There’s something crucial to find out about ollie foot positioning that may be holding some riders again:

Take into consideration standing in your toes.  The balls of your toes are touching the bottom whereas your heels are off the bottom.  In the event you stand in your toes on the board, the balls of your toes ought to be straight within the middle of the board’s concave.  That is necessary for getting the middle stability down and studying the pop.  You don’t ollie by leaping off of your heel, you ollie by leaping off of your again toe.


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